In Memory

Gary Testa

Gary Testa, age 75, passed away on Monday, August 13 at the Paramus Veteran's Home

Gary was the husband of the late Nancy Potter Testa; father of Katy Testa and her partner Leisa Payne and Michael Testa and his partner Tara Haight; brother of Linda Sercarz, Robert Testa and Kathy Hosey.

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08/19/18 07:54 AM #10    

Frank Cuoco

It is sad when we lose any classmate.  Gary was a gifted athlete.  Blocking for him was a game within a game. It took a lot of effort for us to convince Clary & Butch to run a screen left to Gary, but we finally got the ok.  Funke & I would lead the way & everyone just pushed their man back.  Gary “took off”.   We miss him & all of our departed classmates.

08/19/18 06:16 PM #11    

Ginny Carollo (Rubin)

To learn that Gary Testa --- the Gary Testa--- has died is so sad and marks a passage for all of us who celebrated or will celebrate a big birthday this year. He was a kind and gentle person, with a beautiful smile. Art Artale, Dick Funke, Gary and we lucky ladies who knew, danced and laughed with them had many a good time. I am sorry to hear that these last years were tough for him.

08/20/18 07:20 AM #12    

Michael Sternbach

From Carolina Bartholomew: 


Gary Testa was a
Hugely talented
Athlete. No question about it. But, did you know, even though he was a 
Football star, his favorite sport was Baseball!
He was my special guy friend all through
MHS and like all couples, we had 
Good days and bad days. But we always loved each other, and in the end, LOVE is the only name of the only game
That really matters.
Gary loved his family, he loved his friends, he loved playing 
Sports, he loved
Nice shirts, his mother's lasagne, rock n' roll, God and Gary loved having fun.
I think he died
I know we will meet again in the
Next life.
Hasta la vista
Sweet Gary Testa.

08/20/18 11:05 AM #13    

Ross Romary

I was deeply saddened when I received the news of Gary's passing last week. He was the person all the guys at school wanted to be like, and all the girls wanted to be with. He was a good classmate, a good athlete,a good friend, a good husband and father. He will be missed. A life well lived!  Rest in Peace!


08/20/18 04:51 PM #14    

Elvoid Christmas

Another leaf has fallen from the 1961 class graduation tree. Gary was like a brother to me, and he is deeply missed. Gary has shown us that our time on this earth is limited. Love and respect one another while we have time, because we do not know how much time we have left on this earth!

Peace & Love,


08/20/18 07:27 PM #15    

Frank Fahey

It is a bit of a shock when you find out a long time friend passes.  Gary and I became friends in 2nd grade in Watchung school.  We spent a lot of time playing sports and just hanging out.  Gary was always a great athlete but more important he was a great guy.  We'll miss you.













08/22/18 03:30 PM #16    

Louise Love

I join my classmates in sadness over the passing of Gary Testa.  He was my first date in 5th grade. . .The Bellvue Theater and ice cream.  A sweet memory.  

08/22/18 04:12 PM #17    

Peter Dinkel

I just learned of Gary's passing and was so sorry to hear the news. He was a good friend to me and many others at MHS, a great athlete and most importantly a good man. His death brought back many wonderful  memories of good times in Montclair.It's especially hard to believe he is gone as Gary was the lodestar of our class.  Peter Dinkel

09/06/18 10:02 AM #18    

Kent Mitchell (Mitchell)

I'm a bit late with this, having just figured out the format. Gary and I used to romp in Woodman Field across the street from his house on Essex Avenue.  We were 6, 7, 8. What an athlete. Yet Gary, I always believed, was as gentle in high school as he was in second grade. I will miss his warmth.   Kent Mitchell 


09/06/18 04:11 PM #19    

Barbara Hesterfer (Reidinger)

So sad to hear of Gary's passing.. I remember when he and a few MHS football team members came to our girls gym class one day and demonstrated different plays and also referee signals ie: off sides, personal foul etc. Showed us all how quarterback and center players enact plays .. All in request by our gym teacher, Mrs Heningburg- to instill school spirit and better understanding of the game of football.. In hopes all of us would go to the games on Saturdays.. 

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